Caricaturist Spotlight: Lar deSouza – Oh! the Things You’ll Redact!

He’s thCaricature of Robert Muller by Lar deSouzae artist part of the creative team behind the webcomics, “Least I Could Do” and “Looking for Group”. He’s leveraged his art for charity. He’s a weekly art streamer where he draws some funny, punny and sometimes mind-bending art mashups. He’s everyone’s Unca Lar, Lar deSouza. Looking through Lar’s Instagram, tumblr or twitter, you can see he’s a master of line art. He frequently flexes his artistic muscles doing different styles of art work. He’s done work in the styles of 40’s comics, 60’s tv cartoons, and even drawing inspiration (wince) from modern television, cartoons and video games. However, when Lar, borrows an art-style he always gives it his own, special twist. For example, a young Bruce, Wayne, in the style of Richie Rich: poor little rich boy.

Lar deSouza is a Canadian artist, but he pays attention to what’s happening with his neighbors to the south. He borrows from Dr. Seuss to do a simple caricature of Robert Muller, as well as doing some light commentary on the Muller Report. The choices in Lar’s work are very intentional, and “Oh the things you’ll redact” is no exception. Dr. Seuss is normally remembered as a writer and illustrator of children’s books, like “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Fox in Socks.” However, Dr. Seuss was also well known for his political cartoons. It’s likely Dr. Seuss would find the political climate in the U.S. quite “inspirational.” Lar does a great job channeling Dr. Seuss for this political caricature.

You can find more of Lar deSouza’s work here: