Caricaturist Spotlight: Dan McMahan’s Jason Mamoa as Aquaman

A caricature of Jason Mamoa by Dan McMahan

Dan McMahan’s a caricature artist living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area of Texas who isn’t afraid to add an exaggerated body to his work, to add an extra comedic punch. We’ve featured his caricature of Jason Momoa, in the role of Aquaman. Dan’s style is sharp and cartoony. It looks like his work could have come from Nickelodeon’s cartoon studios. In fact, the drawing featured has more than a passing resemblance to the world of a certain cube-shorts wearing sponge. Dan’s captured Mamoa’s trademark eyebrow scar and “guyliner” with bold pointy shapes. He punctuates the humor in this piece by adding a wall-eyed sea-horse. It plays-up the dichotomy of Ultra-cool Jason Mamoa, playing one of the least cool superheroes of all time. If you’re looking for more of Dan McMahan’s artwork you can find some with the links below.

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