Caricaturist Spotlight: Hitomi Ishihara – Steve Buscemi’s Caricature

An ink caricature of Steve Buscemi, by  Hitomi Ishihara

Coming from Osaka, Japan this time we have Hitomi Ishihara. She’s a caricaturist, illustrator and character designer. Her work usually has bold lines and bright colors, so this piece, a caricature of character actor Steve Buscemi is slightly atypical. She still uses line, but it’s more flowing than in her retail caricatures. The wispy lines are perfect for capturing Buscemi’s stringy hair. The simple squiggles do just enough to depict the actor’s facial hair. Instead of the bold colors Hitomi normally uses, she just uses hints to accent Buscemi’s trademark droopy eyes. The exaggerated snaggle-tooth and a little drool cap off this fun twist of the actor’s face.


Looking for more of Hitomi’s work, just click below:

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