Caricaturist Spotlight: Kevin “Kev” Jackson – Colin Kaepernick


A caricature of Colin Kaepernick by Kev Jackson

Kevin Jackson is one-third of the founders of KevJax Apparel and Design company. He’s also one heck of an artist. Kevin or Kev as he signs his work is clearly a fan of basketball. Many of the subjects of his caricatures are basketball stars, but there are others as well. He’s done caricatures from movies and general pop culture. The featured piece is Kev interpretation of the famous and controversial Colin Kaepernick. The artwork is very cartoony with the skinny face and over-the-top fro and square beard. However, Kev’s drawing still captures a seriousness in Kaepernick’s expression. See more of Kev’s work, including both his drawings and his clothing company with the links below.