Caricaturist Spotlight: Mae Adao’s Ellen DeGeneres

Mao Adao's caricture of Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres

This time for our Caricaturist Spotlight we have Mae Adao. Mae is a freelance artist doing environmental and character design, as well as illustration. There seems to be a big cross over between character designer and caricature art. The cross over evident in Mae’s work. Strong silhouettes, crucial in character design, are baked into her caricature work. We featured Mae’s depiction of Ellen DeGeneres you can see the large square shape of the head with the rounded point of a chin underneath and the large ears do most of the work. If those shapes were blacked one could still get the sense of the famous talk-show host. The cartoony likeness and bold color are icing on the cake, but it still adds a lot of flavor to the strong foundation.

You can follow Mae Adao and her work at the links below:

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