Caricaturist Spotlight: Mike “Zatransis” Henry’s Worf

A Caricature of Work by Mike 'Zatransis' Henry

Mike “Zatransis” Henry is a prolific artist, teacher, and YouTuber. Currently, he’s working for mobile game company King. He’s the art director at their Barcelona, Spain location. This pieces formally titled “Worf, Son of Mogh” but it is indeed a caricature of Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It could be considered, secondarily, a caricature of Actor Michael Dorn, but the expression and all the exaggerated features belong to Worf. Mike’s art style is cartoonish, so when he does a piece based in reality (In this case visual reality) it’s natural for his work to become caricature.

Mike “Zatransis” Henry’s large volume of work is practically everywhere you find art online. Here are only a few places you can find him and his work.

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