Caricaturist Spotlight – Rafael Caballero’s Julia Roberts

Rafael Caballero's Julia Roberts

Rafael ‘Rafa’ Caballero is an illustrator and caricaturist from
Cordova, Spain. Rafa specializes in a style very similar to a portrait in their realism, but the way-out and wacky proportions make his work unmistakeable as caricature. He seems to like to target mouths, teeth, and lips. In the featured piece, a caricature of Julia Roberts, the subject almost has more gumline than teeth. The nostrils are also ridiculously stretched. This kind of caricature strays into distortion for its humor. And humor is definitely achieved. One might wonder what Ms. Roberts thinks of the work.

You can find more of Rafael ‘Rafa” Caballero’s art in the links below:

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