Caricaturist Spotlight: Satsu Ushioda – Freddie Mercury

A caricature of Queen's Freddie Mercury but Sastu Ushioda.

Sakiko “Satsu” Ushioda is a caricaturist and illustrator from Oita Japan. She a flexible artist, whose style can go from fairly straightforward to hilariously ridiculous. The featured piece, a caricature of Freddy Mercury is closer to the ridiculous end of the spectrum. The figure is in an exaggerated power pose like Mercury might have used at the height of his popularity. The huge fist is the first thing that hits your eye and then it leads you the Freddie’s face. Satsu’s use of like weight is interesting. While she doesn’t vary line weight much in a single stroke she does use different line weight to distinguish order. Outlines are bolder than lines used for details, with Freddie’s outline being boldest of all. Find more of Satsu’s work here:

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