Caricaturist Spotlight: Anthony Geoffroy’s Liam Neeson

Caricature of Liam Neeson from Taken, by Anthony Geoffroy

Anthony Geoffroy is a freelance artist and caricaturist from Lyon, France. He’s very well known and his work has appeared in various publications that feature digital art. He also has tutorials where he shares his process available online. Anthony style is crazy. He veers past the art of exaggeration and well into distortion in his work. Most caricature artists focus on the nose of their subject and Anthony is no exception. In the featured piece above he takes aim at Liam Neeson’s large nose and pushes it to epic proportions. It’s at least two-thirds the size of Liam’s face. Looking through Anthony’s portfolio you can see foreheads are a favorite target of his. This piece illustrates that well. There’s a lot of details exaggerated there to push the worried expression on Liam’s face.

Anthony Geoffroy’s wonderful work can be seen at the links below:

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