Caricaturist Spotlight: Prosenjit Mondal’s Morgan Freeman

A caricature of Morgan Freeman by Prosenjit Mondal

Prosenjit Mondal is an illustrator, concept artist and animator specializing in 2d working out of Hyderabad, India. He’s also a great caricature artist. Prosenjit took his time gathering photos of Morgan Freeman. He studied the actor’s different expressions before settling on one for his caricature piece. Then Prosenjit got to work in photoshop to compose and render the caricature. He uses the same basic oval shape over and over again. This creates rhythm that holds the work together. Prosenjit makes great use of Photoshop’s features to add texture and detail, making the image very lifelike despite the fact it’s a caricature.

Prosenjit’s work is all around the web here are a few of may places his work can be found.

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