Caricaturist Spotlight – Ekaterina Grusovskaya’s Jürgen Klopp

Ekaterina Grusovskaya's caricature of coach Jaurgen Klopp

Ekaterina Grusovskaya, or Ekat for short, is a concept and character designer living in Moscow, Russia. As is so often the case, her skills as a character designer overlap with those of a caricature artist. The featured piece above is a particularly dynamic caricature of Jürgen Klopp, a famous football/soccer coach. Not only do we have a further exaggeration of an already exaggerated expression, but we also have exaggerated body movement as well. Ekat doesn’t copy the pose exactly. She brings one arm up and adds more girth to the coach’s gut. It makes for a comical scene.

If you’re looking for more work from Ekaterina Grusovskaya you can find it here.

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