Caricaturist Spotlight – Andrew Gibbons’ Manny Pacquiao

Andrew Gibbons caricature of Manny Pacquiao

Andrew Gibbson is an artist out of Melbourne, Australia. He’s an illustrator and portrait artist in addition to being a caricaturist. In the featured piece of Manny Pacquiao, portraiture and caricature collide. Andrew uses his realistic portrait skills to deliver a very subtle caricature. Manny’s brow and cheekbones are only slightly exaggerated. You can almost imagine that the boxer’s face is just a bit swollen after a fight. His hands are also undersized. The oversized head is the main callout that this is a caricature. This style of painterly realistic caricature is something to grace magazine covers.

Find more of Andrew Gibbons work at the links below:

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