Caricaturist Spotlight: Jason McLean’s Stan Lee

A caricature of the late great Stan Lee, by Jason McLean

Jason McLean isn’t strictly a caricature artist, but he certainly has the chops. Jason is an animator and character designer, two disciplines that have a great deal of overlap with the art of exaggeration. He’s currently working on Monsters At Work an upcoming animated series from Disney. In turn, the subject of our featured caricature has had quite a bit of influence on Disney itself. It’s the late great Stan “The Man” Lee. Jason mainly uses shape to capture Stan Lee’s likeness, using line only to add detail in a few places. The big shapes of Stan’s head with his grin and oversized glasses are the meat of this tribute piece. Everything else is just garnish, but who could blame him for adding Stan’s trademarked phrase, Excelsior!

Jason McLean is fairly busy working at Disney but he does post on Instagram from time to time. The link is right here.

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