Caricaturist Spotlight – Sean Gardner’s Zombie Caricature

A zombie Caricature by Sean Gardenr

Sean Gardner is a much sought after artist out of Salem Massachusetts. He’s known for his vivid yet gothic “new school” style tattoo work. However, before he worked on skin he was known to throw ink on paper. Sean carved himself a niche in the wide world of caricature. He doesn’t just exaggerate his victims, I mean his subjects, he slays them on the paper. Sean specialized in zombie caricatures. His strong skills and his flair for the macabre are on full display on the featured image above. Look at his subject’s unsuspecting face in the photo. I bet Sean knocked him dead with this caricature! Figuratively speaking, of course.

Sean Gardner has mostly traded in his marker for a tattoo gun, but his work is still great.
Find more of it at the links below!

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