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Caricaturist Spotlight: Hitomi Ishihara – Steve Buscemi’s Caricature

An ink caricature of Steve Buscemi, by  Hitomi Ishihara

Coming from Osaka, Japan this time we have Hitomi Ishihara. She’s a caricaturist, illustrator and character designer. Her work usually has bold lines and bright colors, so this piece, a caricature of character actor Steve Buscemi is slightly atypical. She still uses line, but it’s more flowing than in her retail caricatures. The wispy lines are perfect for capturing Buscemi’s stringy hair. The simple squiggles do just enough to depict the actor’s facial hair. Instead of the bold colors Hitomi normally uses, she just uses hints to accent Buscemi’s trademark droopy eyes. The exaggerated snaggle-tooth and a little drool cap off this fun twist of the actor’s face.


Looking for more of Hitomi’s work, just click below:

Caricaturist Spotlight: Ian Llyod’s Gig Caricatures

This fast and fun caricatures were created by Ian Lloyd

Ian Lloyd is a caricature artist from Bristol, England. Have a look at his clean efficient lines. Fast and funny art perfected for the fast-paced world of gig caricature. The style is classic cartoony with a lot of emphasis on eyes and noses. There’s plenty of exaggeration in the head shapes as well. He likes to push and pull foreheads and eye ridges. Ian might have been influenced by the artwork of Tom Richman of Mad magazine fame.

You can find more of Ian’s work here:

Caricaturist Spotlight: Kelly O’Brien – Jon Snow and Daenerys

A caricature Jon Snow and Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Created by Kelly O'Brien


Kelly O’Brien is a globe-trotting caricaturist. Kelly has done it all with her work from retail caricature locations artist to having a solo caricature exhibition. She uses vibrant color in her art to give it punch. She also uses liberal amount of “squash and stretch” in her work giving it a zany almost extreme flair. Mouths and lips are often a huge target for her exaggeration. In our featured picture of Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke in their Game of Throne guises as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The lips are front and center. Boldly colored and shiny the lips quickly grab the viewer’s eye, then you see the menacing blue eyes. There’s a flow to the piece that leads the eye in spirals that helps you find the dragon that’s hidden in the work.

Find more of Kelly O’Brien’s work here:

Caricaturist Spotlight: Kosuke Miyagi – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost by Kosuke Miyagi


Kosuke Miyagi is an illustrator and caricaturist from Naha, Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. He’s an who is constantly experimenting with different styles. In one piece his work has vibrant nearly fluorescent colors with bold simple shapes and in the next, there will be flowing lines and gray tones. The caricature of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost from the movie “Paul” is a great example of the latter. Not only are the faces and poses exaggerated they are distorted as well. The distortion helps lead the eyes around to discover the alien hiding in the lower corner.

Find more of Kosuke’s caricature and illustration here:

Caricaturist Spotlight: Dan McMahan’s Jason Mamoa as Aquaman

A caricature of Jason Mamoa by Dan McMahan

Dan McMahan’s a caricature artist living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area of Texas who isn’t afraid to add an exaggerated body to his work, to add an extra comedic punch. We’ve featured his caricature of Jason Momoa, in the role of Aquaman. Dan’s style is sharp and cartoony. It looks like his work could have come from Nickelodeon’s cartoon studios. In fact, the drawing featured has more than a passing resemblance to the world of a certain cube-shorts wearing sponge. Dan’s captured Mamoa’s trademark eyebrow scar and “guyliner” with bold pointy shapes. He punctuates the humor in this piece by adding a wall-eyed sea-horse. It plays-up the dichotomy of Ultra-cool Jason Mamoa, playing one of the least cool superheroes of all time. If you’re looking for more of Dan McMahan’s artwork you can find some with the links below.

Caricaturist Spotlight: Tony Smith – Classic and Classy

A Gentleman's Caricature drawn by Tony Smith


This time we’ll highlight an artist with a classic style that could have jumped right off the printed pages of Cracked or Mad Magazine. Tony Smith works out of Atlanta, Georgia. He’s started drawing early and life and never stopped. Tony’s style features exaggerations that flow with the lines of his subjects face, that leads to an unmistakable likeness. He almost he does a squashed and stretched portrait, but there is plenty of humor in his work. Smiles are the focus of his caricatures. They are big, broad, friendly and warm. It would be hard to say no to such inviting work.

More of Tony Smith’s Work can be found here:

Caricaturist Spotlight: Kirby Rudolf’s extreme caricatures

Caricatures done by Kirby Rudolph

Kirby Rudolph is a caricaturist out of Houston, Texas, with a style that pushes boundaries way beyond their limits. His extreme cartoony work is bound to generate plenty of laughs. Kirby use boldly drawn heads often attached teeny-tiny bodies to great effect. While his work is cartoonish, a fine art influence can be seen in his style. There’s definitely an expressionist or even a cubist feel to some of his caricatures in his compositions and color choices. There might be a nod to some of the weird and wild animation that appeared on MTV in the early 90s in his work as well. Kirby has plenty of work to see all around the web.

Caricaturist Spotlight: Satsu Ushioda – Freddie Mercury

A caricature of Queen's Freddie Mercury but Sastu Ushioda.

Sakiko “Satsu” Ushioda is a caricaturist and illustrator from Oita Japan. She a flexible artist, whose style can go from fairly straightforward to hilariously ridiculous. The featured piece, a caricature of Freddy Mercury is closer to the ridiculous end of the spectrum. The figure is in an exaggerated power pose like Mercury might have used at the height of his popularity. The huge fist is the first thing that hits your eye and then it leads you the Freddie’s face. Satsu’s use of like weight is interesting. While she doesn’t vary line weight much in a single stroke she does use different line weight to distinguish order. Outlines are bolder than lines used for details, with Freddie’s outline being boldest of all. Find more of Satsu’s work here:

Caricaturist Spotlight: Ania Albi’s 20th Century Fox

A caricature of Tim Curry, as Dr. Frank N Furter created by Aina Albi.


Aina Albi is an illustrator and character designer working out of Barcelona, Spain. Her style makes liberal use of strong shapes and interesting texture. In her caricature of Dr. Frank N. Furter, as portrayed by Tim Curry, she uses line and color but mainly for pop or emphasis. Most of the heavy lifting is done by the large shapes. Her work is cartoonishly flat similar to early TV cartoons, like Rocky and Bullwinkle. She may be influenced by 90’s character designers such as Butch Hartman who created Nickelodeon’s Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom or Steven Silver who did character work for Disney’s Kim Possible. She might draw a bit of influence from the caricature great Al Hirschfeld. Aina’s work is fun and lively and she has plenty more to see.

Caricaturist Spotlight: Kevin “Kev” Jackson – Colin Kaepernick


A caricature of Colin Kaepernick by Kev Jackson

Kevin Jackson is one-third of the founders of KevJax Apparel and Design company. He’s also one heck of an artist. Kevin or Kev as he signs his work is clearly a fan of basketball. Many of the subjects of his caricatures are basketball stars, but there are others as well. He’s done caricatures from movies and general pop culture. The featured piece is Kev interpretation of the famous and controversial Colin Kaepernick. The artwork is very cartoony with the skinny face and over-the-top fro and square beard. However, Kev’s drawing still captures a seriousness in Kaepernick’s expression. See more of Kev’s work, including both his drawings and his clothing company with the links below.

Caricaturist Spotlight: Issac Klunk – A Zany Trio

Three Smiles form the BGSU Welcome Fair by Issac Klunk

Issac Klunk is an artist out of Toledo, Ohio. He’s worked as an illustrator and caricature artist since 2008. Issac even majored in sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. All that studying paid off! You can see the influence of comics and cartoons in the way he uses thickness in his work. He often uses blocks of black for a contrast effect. Issac might have been influenced by Mad Magazine. His style is just short of extreme and is sure to produce laughter in anyone who sees his caricature work.

You can find more of his stuff here:

He’s definatly worth a look and a follow. There will be some fun artwork in return.

Caricaturist Spotlight: Lar deSouza – Oh! the Things You’ll Redact!

He’s thCaricature of Robert Muller by Lar deSouzae artist part of the creative team behind the webcomics, “Least I Could Do” and “Looking for Group”. He’s leveraged his art for charity. He’s a weekly art streamer where he draws some funny, punny and sometimes mind-bending art mashups. He’s everyone’s Unca Lar, Lar deSouza. Looking through Lar’s Instagram, tumblr or twitter, you can see he’s a master of line art. He frequently flexes his artistic muscles doing different styles of art work. He’s done work in the styles of 40’s comics, 60’s tv cartoons, and even drawing inspiration (wince) from modern television, cartoons and video games. However, when Lar, borrows an art-style he always gives it his own, special twist. For example, a young Bruce, Wayne, in the style of Richie Rich: poor little rich boy.

Lar deSouza is a Canadian artist, but he pays attention to what’s happening with his neighbors to the south. He borrows from Dr. Seuss to do a simple caricature of Robert Muller, as well as doing some light commentary on the Muller Report. The choices in Lar’s work are very intentional, and “Oh the things you’ll redact” is no exception. Dr. Seuss is normally remembered as a writer and illustrator of children’s books, like “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Fox in Socks.” However, Dr. Seuss was also well known for his political cartoons. It’s likely Dr. Seuss would find the political climate in the U.S. quite “inspirational.” Lar does a great job channeling Dr. Seuss for this political caricature.

You can find more of Lar deSouza’s work here: